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Bibliografia digitale della storia dei Paesi Bassi


La Bibliografia digitale della storia dei Paesi Bassi  (Digitale Bibliografie Nederlandse Geschiedenis) è una bibliografia online dedicata alla storia dei Paesi Bassi dalla preistoria ad oggi. Contiene  oltre 200.000 riferimenti bibliografici a libri, riviste, saggi e pubblicazioni online prodotte a partire dal 1940 ed è aggiornata quotidianamente.

Between 1863 and 1995 the bibliography of Netherlands history and its antecedents appeared in hardcopy printed volumes. The bibliography —now produced by the Institute of Netherlands History (ING)— has since 1998 been published as a searchable online database. The bibliography focusses on historical writing about the history of the Netherlands and its overseas territories from prehistoric times to the present day. Currently, the bibliography contains more than 200.000 publications from the 1940s onwards.

Since 2006 the bibliography is published, in conjunction with the National Library of the Netherlands, with a new interface to enable the bibliography to be freely available on the internet and to enhance interoperability with other bibliographical and historical resources.

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