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Visual Archive Southeastern Europe: archivi fotografici dei Balcani

Sarajevo - Manifattura di tappeti (ante 1926)

Sarajevo – Manifattura di tappeti (ante 1926)

VASE – Visual Archive Southeastern Europe è un progetto curato dall’Università di Graz (Austria) che raccoglie fotografie e cartoline che testimoniano la vita quotidiana e familiare nei Balcani tra il 1860 e il 1950. Il materiale è stato raccolto in Austria, Bosnia ed Erzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia.

Molto ricca e interessante anche la sezione dedicata alla bibliografia.

The main objective of the Visual Archive Southeastern Europe is to assemble historical and contemporary visual materials on Southeastern Europe. VASE seeks to draw attention to the visual as primary source, to enhance visual studies as a technique and method and thereby enrich the primarily text-based historical-anthropological research. By providing different types of images – e. g. photos and postcards – VASE aims at reflecting the (self-) images of Southeastern Europe, both among the academic community as well as on society at large. It may not be used for commercial purposes.

Currently the database contains approximately 2.500 images. The images were provided by partner institutions and individual collectors in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Serbia.

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