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Plotino: una bibliografia


Segnaliamo una ricca bibliografia dedicata al filosofo Plotino, a cura dello studioso canadese Richard Dufour:

«In this bibliography we intend to continue our bibliographical research on Plotinus, started in Plotinus: A Bibliography 1950-2000, Leiden, Brill, 2002 (a revised version of “Plotinus: A Bibliography 1950-2000”, Phronesis (46, 3), 2001). From now on our work will be on the Internet and will be updated several times a year. We want thus to offer a comprehensive list of publications on Plotinus by gathering all we can find in the most important bibliographical indexes available.

This bibliography has been published, for the most part, in a revised version with full indices: DUFOUR, Richard, “Bibliographie Plotinienne: 2000-2009”, in Études platoniciennes VI, Paris, Belles Lettres, 2009, p. 295-365».

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