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Riviste tedesche illustrate della Repubblica di Weimar


La Biblioteca dell’Università di Dresda e della Sassonia (SLUB Dresden) ha curato la digitalizzazione di alcune delle riviste più popolari in Gemania negli anni ’20, per un totale di 650 numeri, 75.000 pagine e più di 50.000 illustrazioni disponibili online.

Illustrated magazines from the era of Classic Modernism are a rich and esthetically first-rate source for the history of everyday life, culture, communication, design and photography in the period between the wars.

The SLUB Dresden has for the first time compiled digital reproductions of the most important German-language magazines of the period – with around 650 issues, 75,000 printed pages and more than 50,000 illustrations. These issues are made them available to scholars and readers interested in cultural history. This project was realized in cooperation with communication researcher Professor Dr. Patrick Rössler (University of Erfurt) and with the support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Deutschen Nationalbibliothek and Axel Springer AG, the legal successor to the former Ullstein-Presse.

Elenco delle riviste:

>> Auto-Magazin  (1928-1930)

>> Das Jüdische Magazin  (1929)

>> Das Kriminal-Magazin  (1929-1931)

>> Das Leben  (1928-1930)

>> Der Querschnitt (1921-1936)

>> Revue des Monats (1926-1931)

>> Scherl’s Magazin  (1928-1933)

>> Uhu  (1924-1934)


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