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Rembrandt online: la collezione della Morgan Library & Museum di New York


La Morgan Library & Museum di New York ha digitalizzato la sua collezione di circa 500 incisioni di Rembrandt.

“This online feature makes almost five hundred images from the Morgan’s exceptional collection of Rembrandt etchings available for the first time. The images presented here celebrate his unsurpassed skill and inventiveness as a master storyteller.

Pierpont Morgan laid the foundation for this collection—the finest in North America—when he acquired his first Rembrandt etchings in 1900, with another major purchase in 1906. The Morgan holds impressions of most of the three hundred or so known etchings by Rembrandt, as well as multiple, often exceedingly rare impressions of various states.

Renowned in the history of printmaking, Rembrandt’s etchings are famous for their dramatic intensity, penetrating psychology, and touching humanity. Through these images you can explore some of the central and often recurring themes of the master’s work, including portraiture, the Bible, scenes from everyday life, the nude, and landscape”.

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