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Francesco Patrizi, filosofo del Rinascimento


Facciamo nostra l’interessante segnalazione di Klaus Graf comparsa sul blog Archivalia riguardo alla pubblicazione online degli atti di un convegno di studi dedicato al filosofo rinascimentale Francesco Patrizi.

Dalla Prefazione del volume:

«From the 24th through the 26th of April, 2014, the Center for Renaissance Texts at the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic, organized the international conference Francesco Patrizi: Philosopher of the Renaissance.
The conference was supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Czech Government within the framework of the Center for Renaissance Texts (CRT).
The aim of the conference was to support reasearch on the philosophy of Francesco Patrizi (Frane Petrić, born in Cres / Cherso 1529, died in Rome, 1597), one of the leading thinkers of the late Renaissance period and who achieved renown for his deep knowledge of Classical literary and philosophical texts and as a radical opponent of Aristotelianism and a defender of Platonic philosophy. His writing was not only on philosophy, but dealt also with the methodology of sciences, literature, history, musicology and political thinking. About twenty scholars from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, USA and Czech Republic discussed this variety of topics in Patrizi´s thought and its influence at the conference “Francesco Patrizi: Philosopher of the Renaissance” in Olomouc. This volume contains the majority of the contributions».

Indice dei contributi:

  • Maria Muccillo, Dall’ordine dei libri all’ordine della realtà: ordine e metodo nella filosofia di Francesco Patrizi
  • Marie-Dominique Couzinet, History and Philosophy in Francesco Patrizi’s Dialoghi della istoria (1560)
  • Kateřina Šolcová, Philosophical Perspective of Humanist Discourse on History: Ars historica in Patrizi’s and Pontano’s Dialogues
  • Luka Boršić, Patrizi and history of philosophy
  • Stefano Gulizia, First Notes on Francesco Patrizi’s Methods of Argumentation
  • Luc Deitz, “Il poeta è facitore del mirabile”. Francesco Patrizi da Cherso on the Aim of Poetry   .
  • Ivana Skuhala Karasman and Luka Boršić, Patrizi and His Women
  • Paul Richard Blum, Francesco Patrizi’s Principles of Psychology
  • Erna Banić-Pajnić, Marsilio Ficino and Franciscus Patricius on Love
  • Jacomien Prins, Francesco Patrizi, Unrequited Love and the Power of Music
  • Barbara Bartocci, Paolo Beni and his friendly criticism of Patrizi
  • Jan Makovský, The New Geometry of Francesco Patrizi
  • Matjaž Vesel, Franzesco Patrizi, a Renaissance Philosopher and the Science of Astronomy
  • Petr Pavlas, The Book of the Mind: The Shift Towards the Subject in Patrizi and Comenius
  • Tomáš NejeschlebaJohannes Jessenius, Between Plagiarism and an Adequate Understanding of Patrizi’s Philosophy
  • Jan Čížek, Patricius – Alstedius – Comenius. A Few Remarks on Patricius’ Reception in Early Modern Central Europe


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