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Emmanuel Levinas: bibliografia primaria e secondaria


La Dutch-Flemish Levinas Society cura e rende disponibile gratuitamente in rete la più vasta bibliografia primaria e secondaria dedicata al filosofo Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995). La bibliografia primaria s’intende completa ed esaustiva (1929-2007); la bibliografia secondaria copre al momento gli anni 1990-2007 ma è in aggiornamento.

“This bibliography was first published in 2005; both online on this website and printed in the Journal of the Dutch-Flemish Levinas Society (ISSN 1385-4739). The first edition was titled supplementary, honouring the great Levinas bibliography by professor Roger Burggraeve (Catholic University Leuven) covering 1929-1989, which the present online bibliography intends to continue. We hope that these two will be integrated in due course.

Initially, the bibliography was edited by its founders Jacob Oeverbeek and Joachim Duyndam, graduate student and associate professor of philosophy, respectively, at the University of Humanistics (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Since 2006, the editors of 2005 have joined, together with Harm Schoonekamp, the newly formed Bibliography Section of the Dutch-Flemish Levinas Society. Harm did a great job: he completed the primary sources back until 1929, and he added new titles in almost 30 languages. Recently, Linda Kraan has joined our team. She is currently updating the bibliography”.

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