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Una mappa dell’Impero tedesco del 1893

All’interno della David Rumsey Map Collection segnaliamo la digitalizzazione di una mappa dell’Impero tedesco che risale al 1893. E’ una mappa composta di 674 fogli in sacala 1:100.000. Sono già stati digitalizzati i fogli numerati da 1 a 340 ed è stata messa online una visione d’insieme dei fogli 1-326.

The Karte des Deutschen Reiches 1893 consists of 674 sheets at a scale of 1:100,000. All sheets join together to make a huge, highly detailed and historically significant map of about 1,155 cm x 980 cm (38 ft x 32 ft), covering all of present day Germany and much of present day Poland. The maps show the landscape as it was at the end of the 19th century. We are in the process of scanning all the sheets individually as well as making a very large digital composite image of all 674 sheets joined. At the time of this writing, we have put sheets 1 to 340 online and made a composite image of sheets 1 to 326. The composite image is also placed in Google Earth (requires plug-in), allowing comparison of the historical map with current satellite imagery and other information layers. We expect to complete the project by June 1, 2011. The publication dates of the sheets vary, generally from about 1800 to 1900. For the whole series we use an average date of 1893.

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David Rumsey Map Collection: 21.000 carte geografiche e mappe antiche online

La David Rumsey Map Collection è una collezione che contiene più di 150.000 mappe e carte geografiche  del XVIII e del XIX secolo.  Nel 1996 ha avuto inizio la digitalizzazione della collezione: al momento sono liberamente disponibili online 21.000 documenti.

The David Rumsey Map Collection was started over 25 years ago and contains more than 150,000 maps. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century maps of North and South America, although it also has maps of the World, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The collection includes atlases, wall maps, globes, school geographies, pocket maps, books of exploration, maritime charts, and a variety of cartographic materials including pocket, wall, children’s, and manuscript maps. Items range in date from about 1700 to 1950s.

Digitization of the collection began in 1996 and there are now over 21,000 items online, with new additions added regularly. The site is free and open to the public. Here viewers have access not only to high resolution images of maps that are extensively cataloged, but also to a variety of tools that allow to users to compare, analyze, and view items in new and experimental ways.

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