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La storia della Bolivia in una raccolta di pamphlet

The Alfredo Montalvo Bolivian Digital Pamphlets Collection è una collezione di 715 pamphlet che furono donati dal libraio boliviano Alfredo Montalvo alla Cornell University.

Gli opuscoli documentano un secolo di cultura in Bolivia, a partire dal 1848.

This collection of 715 digitized works comes principally from a donation made to Cornell by the Bolivian bookseller, Alfredo Montalvo, who has supplied the university with library materials for over a quarter century. The pamphlets document a century of Bolivian literate culture, beginning in 1848. They show a nation’s struggle to establish viable institutions, to develop its economy, to educate its children and the back and forth of political argument. In their aggregate these pamphlets capture the energy of the Bolivian people-sometimes misdirected, often contentious, but never quiescent.

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