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EGO – European History Online è un portale curato dall’Istituto di Storia europea di Mainz (Institut für Europäische Geschichte – IEG).

EGO – European History Online is a transcultural history of Europe on the Internet. The project investigates processes of intercultural exchange in European history whose impact extended beyond state, national and cultural borders. EGO describes Europe as a constantly changing communicative space which witnessed extremely varied processes of interaction, circulation, overlapping and entanglement, of exchange and transfer, but also confrontation, resistance and demarcation.

EGO links refereed academic articles to images, primary sources, statistics, animated and interactive maps, as well as audio and video clips. This multi-media network enables a journey through space, time and themes. The various elements can be browsed in all directions via links and navigation bars. In this way, EGO takes full advantage of the Internet’s multi-media potential.

EGO examines 500 years of modern European history by transcending national, disciplinary and methodological boundaries. The subjects are as diverse as the communicative and transfer processes which EGO depicts. They range from religion, politics, science and law, to art and music, as well as to the economy, technology and the military. Ten thematic threads enable a systematic approach to accessing the project’s content. “Surveys” provide background information and context. “Basic elements” describe and analyse specific transfer processes relevant to Europe. “Focus elements” contain materials and information on discrete aspects or introduce particular mediators that were significant for intercultural transfer processes. Over 200 articles will be gradually published by 2013.

EGO – European History Online in published by the Institute of European History (Institut für Europäische Geschichte – IEG) in Mainz. The IEG conducts interdisciplinary research on the religious and political foundations of Europe between 1450 and 1950 and organises an international research fellowship programme. The research groups of the IEG bring their communicative and transfer approaches to EGO.

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