Living The Poor Lives: documenti di archivio di epoca vittoriana

Il progetto inglese Living The Poor Lives, curato da The Nationial Archives, mette a disposizione in rete migliaia di documenti d’archivio di epoca vittoriana del Poor Law Board che aiutano a far luce sulle condizioni delle classi indigenti nell’Inghilterra del XIX secolo.

Dalla pagina di presentazione del progetto:

Thousands of pages of Victorian workhouse and poor law records have been made available online today following the conclusion of a major project by The National Archives.

Living the Poor Life involved more than 200 volunteers across the country, including local and family historians, researching and cataloguing 19th century records from the huge Ministry of Health archive (MH12).

The records comprise letters, reports and memos passed between local and national poor law authorities and help shed light on the lives and experiences of the Victorian poor.

You will see details of individual paupers, cases of neglect and cruelty, and workhouse staff as well as source material to study indoor and outdoor poor relief, education, building work, local politics and labour history, such as trade unions, Chartism and friendly societies. The material is very strong on public health and contains accounts of both physical and mental health matters.

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