La guerra arabo-israeliana del 1967: un sito dedicato alla Guerra dei sei giorni


Questo sito, curato da un gruppo di ricercatori e di scrittori interessati alla Guerra dei sei giorni che coinvolse nel giugno 1967 Israele, Egitto, Siria e Giordania, rappresenta un ottimo punto di partenza per approfondimenti sul tema.

“This website, managed by a group of academics and writers with an interest in the June 1967 Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, offers an excellent point of departure for anyone interested in finding out more about this important event. In an accessible way, the website offers primary sources, first-hand accounts, and various related historical documents from American, Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, and UN archives, along with biographies of all key players. It is especially strong in putting the war into a wider context, providing plenty of material relating to the run-up and aftermath of the war, as well as to the war itself. In addition, the site contains first-hand testimonies and analyses from around the world, including Israel, the Jewish Diaspora, and the Arab world. It also offers extensive popular cultural material, such as movie clips and political cartoons from the Arab press” [dalla scheda di presentazione disponibile su Intute].

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