“Russell” digitalizzato (1971-2003)

   Tutte le annate della rivista Russell: The Journal of Bernard Russell Studies (ISSN 1913-8032) pubblicate anteriormente al 2004 sono accessibili gratuitamente online.

Russell is devoted to the study of all aspects of Bertrand Russell’s thought as well as his life, times and influence. In addition to original research and reviews of new books, Russell publishes new texts and textual studies, discussions, bibliographies, indexes, and archival lists.

Russell  was founded by McMaster Library in 1971 as a quarterly. Until 1980 it was numbered by a cumulative issue number. A new series was begun as Vol. 1, no. 1 in Summer 1981. Here the old series is assigned to Vols. 91-100″.

Istruzioni per la consultazione: 

Dalla pagina principale, selezionare un fascicolo dal menu a tendina “Back issues” (barra laterale di destra, in basso).

E’ possibile recuperare direttamente gli articoli con una ricerca per parole chiave oppure, in modo più accurato, utilizzando la maschera per la ricerca avanzata.

URL: <http://digitalcommons.mcmaster.ca/russelljournal>

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